Tuesday, February 3, 2009

By no means...

By no means am I a writer. I've always wanted to be one. To be able to express exactly what I think would be a blessing. I am inspired by people who are able to.

I am however a visual person. I love taking pictures.

image for Inhaling Inspiration by Caitlin Hults

The concept of this blog is to not only be inspired by my own work but others as well. I would like it to work as a stepping stone between the process of design. For example, today, I am going to go and buy a new journal to record only design things. My other one is too small. I can take out magazine clippings and work on ideas for this blog.

Great idea?

I think so.

So, I'm off. I'm going to get dressed up for no reason to go out in the Chicago winter.

Friday, September 5, 2008

On The Lowest Ladder Rung

I have a routine in the morning now.
It involves getting up.
Driving Colin.
Coming home to have coffee and read the newspaper.
Then going downstairs to "blog" online for about an hour.

It's getting to be an addictive routine.
I love taking in all of the pictures of how other designers get inspired.

To start,
I am a interior designing student crawling my way into the big world of DESIGN.
aaaannd feeling quite overwhelmed.
This blog is devoted to taking it slow...
to take it all in.
to evaluate what inspires me.

I've started to take my camera around with me when I'm away from my house.

The rain was the thick against the window. It made the glass look completely different. It was beautiful.